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RelateQuery and Intersects got different results?

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Mar 27, 2012 at 5:13 AM


     I want to do insection search on my shp. I used RelateQuery

“SELECT ST_t.* FROM [ST].[RelateQuery]('AnGeoPolygon', 'the_geom', [ST].[PointFromText]('Point(5 5)',4326), 'Intersects') AS ST_q INNER JOIN [dbo].[AnGeoPoint] AS ST_t ON ST_q.[oid] = ST_t.[oid]” 

    and ST.Intersects

“SELECT * FROM AnGeoPoint where ST.[Intersects](the_geom,ST.PointFromText('Point(5 5)',4326)) = 1”。

But only ST.Intersects returned two right items,the ST.RelateQuery reurned nothing.  Is there any errors in ST.RelateQuery in my SQL?