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Add a column to existing geo table

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Oct 31, 2008 at 3:49 PM
I've been using MsSqlSpatial for some time now and am loving it.  I have an existing point table that I render with SharpMap.  My issue is that I have added a column to the existing point table within Sql Server and am wanting to display the new attribute.  However, the newly added column doesn't seem to be picked up by MsSqlSpatial.  For example, if I run a standard Sql Select

SELECT * FROM dbo.gisPoint;  -- I get all the attributes, including the newly added 'CID' column

But if I try and make a selection using a FilterQuery the 'CID' column is not returned;
SELECT * FROM ST.FilterQuery#dbo#gisPoint#the_geom(ST.MakeEnvelope(391198.011054687,4023754.37819688,391632.388945313,4024009.89460313,-1))

Am I missing something?  This is a bit urgent so any help would be greatly appreciated.