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What am I doing badly?

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Feb 26, 2007 at 10:42 PM
What am I doing badly?

I Import a 520 Cities from shapefile using the msscmd.exe //OK//

My city name column (50 of length) is imported like varchar(4000) -I assume that it is MsSqlSpatial's characteristic, all text to varchar(4000)- //OK//

In the ST.GEOMETRY_COLUMNS is inserted a record with my table characteristics //OK//

I rename a "oid" column for another arbitrary name //OK//

Run a mssmcd.exe -deploy... for the last changes (oid) //OK//

I export a table to shp file with a GIS Explorer. Works but a dbf file is empty (Number of shapes does not match the number of table records).

I was thinking that I was linked by the column varchar(4000) this way it is that I changed for varchar(50).

Here they began the problems:

The record in the ST.GEOMETRY_COLUMNS has been deleted.

The command mssmcd.exe -deploy... produces a error.

The GIS Explorer does not see my table.

In conclusion two questions:

1) How has it to be the format of the table in order that GIS Explorer could export it correctly?

2) Cannot the format of the column change varchar (4000) for other one?

Sorry my very bad English.

Best Regards from Argentina.