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polygon spanning multiple UTM zones

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Apr 12, 2007 at 7:35 PM
Sorry this question may not be specific to MsSqlSpatial. So far I've only had to deal with shapes within a single UTM zone (therefore 1 SRID) but I need to now include other zones which may or may not be adjacent to the one I've been working with.

If I wanted to run a distance query on a point using SRID 32610 against a point using SRID 32615, would transforming one to the other provide accurate results? Are there other ways to handle such cases?

Also, AddGeometryColumn requires an SRID ... if I insert a point via ST.GeomFromText using a different SRID, would that cause issues? Is there a need to use AddGeometryColumn over just creating a varbinary(MAX) column manually?

Thanks in advance!