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Is MsSqlSpatial available for SQL Server 6.5, 7.0, 2000 or Compact Edition?

No, MsSqlSpatial is available only for SQL Server 2005 in all its editions because only SQL Server 2005 supports .NET CLR integration, which made possible the implementation of this extension. See Requirements.

Do I have any chance if my database is not SQL Server 2005?

Yes. You could still install SQL Server 2005 in parallel and use distributed queries to get access to/from your another server.

How can I visualize my data?

See the next question.

What tools have MsSqlSpatial support?

Why my favorite tool has no MsSqlSpatial support?

In fact, any toolkit that supports Well-Known Binary or Well-Know Text geometry representations (according to OGC Simple Features Specification for SQL Revision 1.1) and supports connections to SQL Server could find its way to use MsSqlSpatial as datastore.

If you wish, contact your tool provider and manifest your interest on built-in MsSqlSpatial support.

Where is the documentation?

There is no comprehensive documentation yet. In this moment, all available documentaion is the Getting started guide, msscmd.exe help page and the forums.

If it helps, we can say MsSqlSpatial is very similar to PostGIS and other OGC compliant spatial database extensions, so their documentation may be useful to some extent, specially introductory and conceptual sections. See:

The table of contents of any of the linked manuals above would be a good starting point to document MsSqlSpatial. If you want to volunteer for documentation, you are more than welcome.

How do I report a bug or get help?

In first place, search whether the issue has been addressed before in the forums and in the issue tracker.

If there's nothing about your issue, create a new work item or start a new discussion thread. Please, try to be as clear and descriptive as you can. I recommend you to read the following articles to get some tips:

How can I contribute to this project?

See some suggestions.

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I think function names are not same as in

Its difficult for noobies like me to map function names in above link with the function names what you gave in this project

A documentation to getting started with SQL query would be greatly appreciated and very much needed for us :)